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*this video contains bright flashing lights and such

How I Tick - A Commericial of My Mind (Ernest Chan) - 60 sec - REV 4
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Hello hello. My name is Ernest (he/they).


I'm an art director and photographer and designer

and a maker of things and occasionally fine art.

I'm also an A24 junkie and infrequent boulder-er

and appreciator of cheese in all its forms.

I want to make work that's beautiful and weird with human and social impact at its core.

Say hello if you wanna climb some rocks or make something cool together :)


Currently directing art at JOAN


Cannes (Shortlist), Clio (Bronze),

Webby (Best Art Direction), One Show (Shortlist)


JOAN: May 22'–Present

Art Director

TEN35: Nov 21'–Apr 22'

Art Director

DDB NY: Nov 20'–Nov 21'

Art Director

DiMassimo Goldstein: Nov 19'–Nov 20'

Jr. Art Director

Preacher: May 19'–Oct 19'

Art Direction Intern


University of Texas at Austin

B.S. Advertising / Texas Creative

B.A. Psychology

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