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While in NYC, I happened upon the ambient wonderland of Ichiran Ramen. What I had to do was obvious: record 16 minutes of ambient ramen shop sounds and mix it with dreamy, vaporwave-esque tunes to create NOODLEWAVE.

And if you aren't already perusing my work to the sounds of NOODLEWAVE,

give the play button a click in the

upper-left corner.


Moonlight by Surfing (0:00)

High Heels by Eyeliner (2:48)

Daydream by ESPRIT 空想 (5:00)

Yellow Bird by Pretty Lights (7:30)

S.W.A.K. by Luxury Elite (8:55)

Special Boys by Persona La Ave (10:55)

SNAKE WAY by Maitro (12:42)

Hibiscus Pacific by Greeen Linez (13:04)

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