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[Winning concept for an open agency pitch to introduce Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz, a modern, all-electric update to the classic VW Van.]

The VW Van has always been a symbol of freedom and love. It was a vehicle for dreamers, and the Buzz is no different.


The challenge presented to us was to show the world how the Buzz embraced this heritage in its own, new way.

To launch this modern classic, we dug deep to find where the magic happens... or when. Because everything truly comes to life once you've parked.

If you wanted a car to drive... well, you shoulda looked elsewhere.

Art Director: Ernest Chan

Copywriter:s Patrick LaBelle, Sky Braswell

Brand Spot
This brand spot (which you're free to click in and read) gives the world a glimpse of what it means to live the parked life. Speaking over hedonistic vignettes edited in a choppy, burst photography-style stop motion, the anthemic VO celebrates the outsiders and revelers who are as much the spirit of the VW Van now as they were in the 60s.

It makes sense to test drive a car you want to drive, so let’s invite people to test…park…the ID.Buzz—because it was made to be parked.

We’ll park our cars in national parks and invite guests to camp inside, giving a full overnight experience of being parked. Bring food to cook, instruments to play, canvases to paint, and a change of clothes for the morning. As an extra PR-able/social-forward spin, we’ll have celebrities at some of the locations waiting inside to surprise our guests.

The original van was perfect for a little low-key park-n-guitar acoustic session. The ID. Buzz takes this several steps— and genres— further.

With the space and power for amps, midi keyboards, and even live streaming with in-van wi-fi, the Buzz has the chance to become a totally unique venue in a class all its own, fit for all walks of artists. We’ll partner with Sofar Sounds to turn the I.D. Buzz into an intimate, touring micro-venue for music fans across Europe.

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