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When the Center for Addiction and Partnership for Drug Free Kids merged to create the Partnership to End Addiction, not many people knew they existed or what they did. 


One of the often-overlooked causes of addiction is a loss of (and desire for) connection. However, it isn't just a catalyst for addiction, it can also be a critical tool to help your loved ones navigate their journey to recovery.

With this animation, we show parents that ending addiction starts with connection.

As an art director, I helped develop the concept and script, guide visual style alongside the creative team at Bonfire, and keep an eye on details like outfits, expressions, and pacing, among others.

We used wooden figures to design characters that felt relatable while evoking a tinge of nostalgia. In addition, we were careful to create a cast of characters and situations that would feel inclusive— paying special attention to making sure that viewers  wouldn't go "well that's not me".

We were also fortunate to be able to work with the Lumineers to license their song "Salt and the Sea", which fit perfectly with this animation and gave it even deeper meaning.

Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein
ECD: Paul Fix

Head of Design/CD: Claudia Mark
CD: Chris Martin
ACD: Trevor Hickey, Katie Renfroe
Associate Design Director: Matt Peters
Senior Designer: Jo Rooney
Art Director: Ernest Chan
Director of Integrated Production: Karen Tomlin
Studio Director: Quentin Webb

Production: Bonfire

Music: The Lumineers “Salt And The Sea”

Cannes Lions - Film Craft (Animation), Shortlist
Clio - Film Craft (Animation), Bronze
Webby - Best Art Direction (People's Choice)
The One Show - Use of Licensed Music, Shortlist

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