The partnership between James Bond and Heineken dates back to 1997. The first series pushes Heineken into an idea of sleek cool with minimalistic iconography. The matte black wrap gives the can a classy and premium look.


For the second series, I drew inspiration from the classic gun barrel sequences. The color options shown give Heineken the opportunity to either stick closely with their iconic green or step into something sleeker.


In addition, the HKNXBOND bottle opener card is a usable and interactive add-on, leveraging themes from the James Bond franchise.


For Coachella, I created a design system that used interchangeable elements to create unique, collectable cans. The gradients are inspired by the Californian sky while the silhouettes draw from iconic landmarks found at the festival. With 11 gradients, 3 silhouettes, and 3 silhouette colors, there are 99 possible and unique colorways. Gotta Coachella 'em all!


The designs for the MLS series pull elements from the team's logo, jerseys, and colors. In addition to the can wraps, reversible-coasters will be made and given out to bars and inserted as tuckcards. These coasters feature the teams of major matchups. A Heineken-green variant is also presented.

Speculative Design

The Assignment: Convince Heineken USA that in 2019 they should develop new, occasion-based packaging for their biggest programs like James Bond, Coachella, MLS, and the summer season.

Art Director: Ernest Chan

Account: Kylie Baptist

Strategy: Andrew Marrero