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Art Director: Ernest Chan

Copywriter: Carrie Boswell

(spec of course, but it seems like it should already be a thing, right?)

Music: Sun Through the Clouds by
Matthew Morgan

With the goal of fighting for spaces rooted in identity, we created Community Pinsfor Google Maps to encourage peopleto learn about communities while empowering them to be thoughtful about the places they choose to visit.


1. Owners of these community spaces can apply to get their places marked.

2. Google will approve applications to help ensure community legitimacy.

3. Communities that are not represented can still apply and a Community Pin will be made. 



When users notice the new pins, they can click and hold to learn more about a community. 



Users can filter between the different Community Pins to find their community in any city they live in or visit. This will help promote community building across cities and foster a larger sense of belonging.



On Instagram, a unique set of location stickers allows users to engage with the campaign and their community as they celebrate the places they consider home.The geo-located stickers will also detect community spaces that are still unmarked, allowing Google to notify owners about Community Pins and help them officially mark their locations.

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