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[A design I enjoyed and didn't want to let die just yet, so take a little look.]

For Year 2 of their Black Voices Create campaign, Gushers originally wanted to create an interactive program, GEMS, to help discover, curate, and amplify Black creators on TikTok and help them fight the creator pay gap.

This design leans into the zine-like design aesthetic of the Gen Z target audience, blending bold, vibrant colors with liquid, gushy type.

The type treatment adjusts the forms to be more legible in goop-form and turns the counter of the "g" into a hexagon reminiscent of the candy.

Headline Type: Eckmannpsych

Secondary Type: Xenara

The sample website features running social handles along the sides, black and white photography, and a selection of filters that re-skins the website and curates the content.

Art Director/Designer: Ernest Chan

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