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Cannabis Branding and Design System

Brand identity and design system for cannabis products with the goal of making cannabis more approachable and accessible to new users through functional design.

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The down-to-earth, homegrown aesthetic has become ubiquitous with the emerging cannabis market. However, the growing number of people who are willing yet apprehensive to try cannabis has created a need for a brand designed with new users in mind.


This visual system tackles two main hurdles new users face: learning about the different strains and feeling intimidated by an established and knowledgable community.


The core of this system is a bitonal gradient that carries three kinds of information: strain type, strain potency, and general strain effect.

By distilling this information into a single visual design, new users can feel empowered and welcome.

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GRADIENT - 1920x1080 label


There are 5 common types of strains: sativa, sativa-dominant, hybrid, indica-dominant, and indica. The type of strain on a given label is indicated by the gradient's pair of colors.


The more active Sativa is associated with warmer red and orange hues while the more calming indica is indicated by cooler blue and purple hues.


The potency or strength of a strain is visualized by the size of the bars with THC capping out visually at 20% and CBD at 1%, the relative "high potency" of an average strain.


The effects of a strain are generally associated with the ratio and potency of THC and CBD. By separately indicating the potency of THC and CBD through the two different colors of the gradient, it is possible to gauge the expected effect of a strain.

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